May 1, 2020


Dear NCF Family and Friends,

I am happy to announce that we will meet on site for church once again on Mother’s Day, May 10th. As most of you know, Governor Holcomb announced today that all churches in our state may begin meeting next weekend and PTL there is no limit on capacity. I’ve been ready for weeks to start and unfortunately I’ll have to wait one more week. As I had mentioned in March, I believe that it’s important to continue our decision to honor the authority of Governor Holcomb’s revised guidelines as Indiana is opening up. Faithfulness is about focusing on what you can control. Frustration happens when you focus on what you can’t control. When life gets harder, we grow bigger.

Next week’s service might look a little bit different. Some things will definitely remain the same; as we’re not compromising the Word of God nor will we compromise our standards and commitment to Him in any way. We will continue to bring the Word and the Spirit in power and demonstration as lives will be changed.

We will implement the social distancing that is being recommended. We will also be removing some chairs in the sanctuary to allow for increased spacing between the rows. We’ll not be handing out a physical bulletin at the door for a little while, but you still will be able to access all church information at  (call it a digital bulletin lol).

Our Children’s Church classes and nursery will be operating as normal (it’s great that we can spread out as needed) but we will not have the adult Sunday School at 9 am. Our Café will be closed for a few Sundays, but our facility team will continue to work hard in cleaning and sanitizing in keeping our place safe and ready for your arrival on Mother’s Day.

I know we’ll all be happy to see each other and be ready to renew relationships and while some may be fine with handshaking and hugging, we should be mindful and respectful of others and we shouldn’t just impose what our beliefs are and what we’re comfortable with on other people. So, I want to encourage you to practice waving and smiling, and it won’t be too long until things are back to normal and I believe better than ever before.

And lastly, don’t freak out if someone sneezes or coughs – that doesn’t mean they have the virus. If you don’t have a tissue, cover with your upper sleeve or elbow, and we’ll all “chill” as we enjoy one another and the presence of God.

I am so stirred on the inside for our Facebook Live-stream service this Sunday on May 3rd at 10:30. I know that this message will bring you hope and encourage your faith. One of the most significant realities of the Quarantine of 2020 is that it has brought out the best in many individuals. So many people’s lives have been impacted for the better by the good that others have done for them.

With that being said, Pastor Dave will be celebrating his 75th birthday this Sunday (May 3rd), it would be a great blessing if you could send him a birthday greeting on Facebook or send him a birthday card at 30284 County Road 10 Granger, IN. 46530.
The man is more than the message, and Dad’s life proves this. He is a hero of faith to me. Success is what we do for ourselves. Significance is what you do for others and what a significant impact he has made in our lives!

Much love,
Pastor Arnie