Are you looking for a relationship?

We invite you to take a closer look at New Creation Fellowship, where you learn who you are in Christ through the study of God’s Word, and ultimately entering the most important relationship known, your relationship with Christ. 
We are a Born Again, Spirit-filled, Bible believing, ethnically diverse, family based, word and Spirit church.
You’ll find a community of believers that you can grow with in your faith and opportunities to bless others. Come check us out.  There’s a lot going on here, and there’s a place just for you.

What will you experience when you visit New Creation Fellowship for the first time?

New Creation Fellowship is a place that you can not only learn the Word of God, but experience His Love, and watch His power transform lives.  Our praise and worship will lead you into the presence of the Lord.

Our Services

Our services are led by the Holy Spirit, and in our Full Gospel church the Gifts of the Spirit are manifested.
Service times are Sunday 10 AM and Wednesday 7 PM.

Our Messages

Our messages are power packed, focusing on teaching God’s people faith through the Word of God for everyday living.
Service Times
Sunday 10 AM
Wednesday 7 PM